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Added:  22nd September 2020

Here is our latest service to help runners run with confidence, strength and fun!


This 6 weeks tailored plan will give you all essential tools to prevent injuries, run safe and pain free! Get a proper Running technique and specific training to Run in Freedom!

  • 14+ exclusive real time exercises*
  • 15+ running metrics assessed
  • 10+ tailored running cues
  • Mobile-friendly videos and training plans

New Running and Training Plan

Each 2 weeks you’ll get a new Running Video Analysis Review and Training Plan you can follow at home, at the gym or outdoor. Run 2/3 times a week, workout 2 days.

  • running video analysis reviews SIDE + BACK + FRONT view
  • 4 follow ups email with comments and homework
  • 4 different cycles of training
  • 14 exclusive workout videos.*
  • Work out no longer than 20 minutes

* Dynamic warm up – Fundamental Strengthening running specific (baby plyometrics)

Online Support

Check your running video analysis review and training plan online!

  • Get new cues to improve your running technique
  • Feel supported and motivated
  • Get quick and easy access


Check My Run benefits +

  • Prevent injuries
  • Learn dynamic warm up and S&C exercises.
  • Improve strength and mobility
  • Run safe and healthy

Who is it for

  • Beginners
  • Previously injured runners (off running)
  • Healthy Runners (off running)

How it works

Start with a questionnaire: this is key to give me a clear picture of your physical condition, injury history, running experience and goals to help me ensure you get the best start possible.2Upload your Videos

Upload your videos: send me your videos, I will scan your running technique and identify any altered patterns. After 5 working days you can check online your Video Analysis and get clear and objective feedback!

Training and Running cycles: I will create by email your first cycle of running and training plan with specific cues and advanced exercises. Now your journey begins. There will be 4 cycles in total to complete the path.

Are you ready to start running pain and injury free? Learn more and book here

I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours in physio, Luca Piazza

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