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When it’s safe to Re – Start Running

Added:  28th October 2019

A very quick, concise, essential guide on when it’s time your client is safe to go back running!

As we do at our Edinburgh Clinic, give appropriate advice to your injured runners!


Play the video and get peace of mind in giving evidence based guidance to your injured runner.

A quick abstract of the knowledge you can gain attending our Running Injuries Management Course


When to go safely back to running?

  1. pain free in your daily activities : walking, brisk walking, kneeling…
  2. able to perform a low impact cardio activity (swimming/cycling) from 20 to 30 mins.
  3. pass strength test with the injury affected leg.
  4. ………. pass 5 tests

Sounds like a long time but trust your physio and you’ll be back to your beloved running soon!

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Yours in Physio,

Luca V. Piazza (Msk & Sport Physiotherapy Consultant)



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