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Tai Chi

Healing in motion

Restore your energy and enjoy the remarkable benefits of this ancient practice rooted in Chinese medicine and Philosophy.

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"Calming and energising at the same time. Luca's guidance is encouraging and compassionate. Tai chi has become an essential part of my day" .

Shanta D.


Join us from wherever your journey leads you and feel always welcome no matter your age and fitness level.

Restore your energy with this highly efficient mind-body system and reward yourself with gentle moves and deep breathing techniques.

Practice from home, abroad or just around the corner thanks to our selection of Online classes!


Choose a class and follow our instructor in action! Connect with students from all over the world in a friendly and relaxed environment!

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Beginner level - Wednesdays 
1 to 2 pm Uk time
6.30 to 7.30 pm India time

For absolute beginners.
The best place to learn the foundations
for a safe & sustainable Tai Chi practice.

  • No prior knowledge in Tai Chi, Qigong or Meditation required
  • Just a willingness to learn

Single class £9*

tai chi

Advanced level Wednesdays
 5.15 to 6.15 pm Uk time 

For those with some experience.
The proper way to improve your skills
and enhance the health benefits.
  • Simplified 24 step Yang form knowledge required
  • Basic knowledge of Qigong, Ba duan Jin, Toui Shou required

Single class £15

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Enjoy the benefits of a comfortable and bespoke private session with your teacher.  A unique opportunity to focus on a particular area of your practice and to refine your tai chi.

Chose a day and time that suits you and let's start!

1 to 1 Private Class - 1 hour

Achieve your goals at your own pace and comfort.

Get Luca's immediate feedback and tailored cues to advance your practice and speed up your learning.


1 to 2 Private Class - 1 hour

Experience this class with your partner, colleague or friend.

Enjoy the benefits of practicing in couple and applying with your partner what you learn.


Tai Chi Class

Enjoy every moment of your session

Loosen muscles and joints while focussing on your breath.

Connect breathing and motion, relax your mind and let your energy flow.

Learn the flowing sequence of movements that improve posture and enhance mobility.

Improve balance and relaxation while in contact with your partner.

Chinese Massage:
Release stiffness, improve blood circulation and enhance your Chi flow.

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Success Stories

Join our Tai Chi family

We regularly receive incredible and inspiring testimonials. Seeing the positive impact Tai Chi have had on our students is the main reason for creating our School.
  • “Tai Chi is excellent for the body and the mind as we strive to obtain a good balance in both. Master Luca is a great teacher of the complexities of Tai Chi, and combines a mastery of the form along with an excellent sense of humour”
    Rebecca and Russell
  • "My initial lesson was one to one with Luca; I was immediately ‘hooked’ and decided to start his regular group lessons. 

    "Several years on and I still attend weekly lessons.  Luca is an inspiring teacher, very knowledgable and generous in sharing his knowledge with his pupils…Over time my balance and flexibility have improved and my levels of concentration and memory have benefitted. "
  • We've been taking Tai Chi classes with Luca, in person and online, for several years. He is an ideal teacher: friendly, patient, cheerful, encouraging and supportive, he is very good at helping often not very confident or competent beginners make real progress in Tai Chi. We look forward to our weekly classes, which always leave us feeling both mentally and physically uplifted: there can be few better remedies for a difficult day.
    Anthony and Sandra
  • "I started Tai Chi overseeing the teacher and the group class. I find it very useful as it helps me with balance, muscle strength and deep breath. I really enjoy Luca’s classes!"
    Maria Elena
  • "The Tai Chi classes are relaxed and friendly and everyone benefits from Luca’s expertise in the martial arts, skills in Qi Gong, and knowledge of western physiotherapy; not to mention his forbearance and sense of humour. To learn and to benefit from Tai Chi good teaching is essential. Look no further.”
Luca Piazza

Your Teacher

Hello! I am Luca, Senior Physiotherapist and qualified Tai Chi Instructor with more than 20 years teaching experience.

My mission is to help you enjoy the great benefits of this ancient discipline rooted in Chinese medicine and Philosophy. I look forward to meeting you!

Luca Piazza


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