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Become the expert you want to be
Apply with confidence new knowledge and treat effectively a wider range of injuries.
Deliver a unique specialist service
Use clinical tools and the latest technology to deliver accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plans.
Innovate and grow your clinic
Gain new skills, offer smarter solutions and increase your range of services.
Get peace of mind and future proofing
Our courses are smart, up to date, evidence based and run by experts.

Our courses

Running Injuries Management

Innovate your practice
Deliver a highly specialist Service
Transform your clients' running experience

Webinar & Face2Face options available

Running Injuries Prevention

Avoid training & running mistakes
Learn when it’s time to stop running
Perform the best warm up

Webinar only

Training reviews

  • “Extremely well presented course. Tutor very engaging, clear and fun. Great balance between theory and practice. You leave the course with the confidence and knowledge you can treat effectively your next injured runner”
    Jenny G. - Msk and Sport Physiotherapist, Pilates instructor
  • “Incredibly knowledgeable and experienced tutor. I have introduced the new service into my clinic and booked 2 new patients with running injuries the same week. I have used easily all tools and skills given and customers were so impressed from the very first session! “
    Mark T. - Msk and Sport Physiotherapist, Clinic Director
  • “All the info made so much sense and cleared all my doubts. I have used many time the course content notes to refresh my knowledge once back at the clinic and used it to run my first in service training on “Running injuries management” at the clinic I work . All my colleagues found it extremely useful. Highly recommended.
    Sara P. - Sport Physiotherapist, Runner
  • “Impressive course. One of the best I have attended so far. They know what you and your customers need. They give you everything you need during and after the course to boost your confidence, transform your practice and offer your clients a comprehensive effective new service”
    Anne S. - Senior Physiotherapist, Team Manager, Yoga and Pilates Instructor
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