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Check My Run

For anyone
Learn what’s missing, get why you are stuck, figure out what you need!


A one-shot check of your Running technique (video analysis), warm up habits and training routine.

  • +11 running metrics Assessed
  • Mobile-friendly video analysis

What you get

  • 1 running video analysis SIDE + BACK view
  • 1 running analysis review (check it online)
  • 1 follow up email with comments and advice

How it works

Start with a questionnaire

This is key to give me a clear picture of your physical condition, injury history, running experience and running goals to help me ensure you get the best start possible.

Upload your videos

Send me your videos, I will scan your running technique and identify any altered patterns. This will result in a Video Analysis review that I will share with you online!

Get your Feedback

After 5 working days you can check online your Video Analysis Review and get immediate, clear and objective feedback!
I will send you by email my comments and advice on how to move forward!

Click here to view the Video Recording and Cadence Guide

Success Stories

Join the hundreds who’ve reached Running Freedom

 We regularly receive incredible and inspiring testimonials. Seeing the positive impact Running Paths have had on our Runners is the main reason for creating the Running Clinic.

Start your path to running freedom today!


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