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At PhysioSophy we focus on achieving the best possible outcomes and improving our patients’ quality of life through a specialist support. We believe there is no better evidence of our approach and our services than the individuals we have worked with.
“I have seen Luca because of shin splints during running. He performed a video analysis of my running, identified altered patterns and helped me correcting my running technique. He treated my calves and shins with manual treatment and acupuncture. He also taught me how to warm up properly and gave me strengthening exercises that have helped me improve my performance and prevent further injuries! Highly recommended.”
J.G - Teacher, Runner
"Extremely well presented course. Tutor very engaging, clear and fun. Great balance between theory and practice. You leave the course with the confidence and knowledge you can treat effectively your next injured runner"
Jenny G. Msk and Sport Physiotherapist, Pilates instructor
“I had some muscles problems and booked an assessment with Luca. He did a thorough job, recommended deep tissue massage for some of my issues, and over 3 more sessions he cured my immediate shoulder problem. At my first full session with him he suggested that I go to my GP and have a blood test as he thought my symptoms might indicate Polymyalgia. He was right, and his ability to see the bigger picture led to prompt diagnosis and treatment. Very impressive.”
C.R - Retired
"Incredibly knowledgeable and experienced tutor. I have introduced the new service into my clinic and booked 2 new patients with running injuries the same week. I have used easily all tools and skills given and customers were so impressed from the very first session!"
Mark T. Msk and Sport Physiotherapist, Clinic director
"With ongoing hip pain, I have received treatment from several other physios with no success. Luca carried out a full assessment of my injury and analysed my running style. He quickly identified the cause of my problem, treated it effectively and gave me a program to correct it, including a comprehensive warm-up routine and strengthening exercises. I am now running (and living) pain-free for the first time in over three years. I couldn't be happier! Excellent treatment, highly recommended!"
G.M - Engineer, Runner
"All the info made so much sense and cleared all my doubts. I have used many time the course content notes to refresh my knowledge once back at the clinic and used it to run my first in service training on “Running injuries management” at the clinic I work . All my colleagues found it extremely useful. Highly recommended."
Sara P. Sport Physiotherapist, runner
“I saw Luca for a sore calf. I thought it was a muscle strain to be sorted with a few treatments and a bit of rest. He assessed and diagnosed me with deep venous thrombosis and referred me urgently to the A&E. It was confirmed to be a blood clot in my leg! Thank you so much, I literally could have died if I did not see you on Friday so I am really grateful!”
C.P. Surfer
"Impressive course. One of the best I have attended so far. They know what you and your customers need. They give everything you need during and after the course to boost your confidence, transform your practice and offer your clients a comprehensive effective new service"
Anne S. Physiotherapist Team manager, Yoga and Pilates instructor
“Luca is a warm, kind person with a professional manner. He was very reassuring when I was worried about my health and he took time to explain my condition to me, which made me feel more at ease. Both the acupuncture and exercises he gave me were extremely effective and I now feel 100 times better. I highly recommend him.”
J.C - Yoga Teacher
“I met Luca around 2016 as I could barely move because of pain in my lower spine.
After our initial consultation Luca suggested spinal manipulation, mobilisation and medical acupuncture. His treatment has been really effective!
While surfing in 2017 I had a fractured vertebrae. Luca realised how quickly I needed and wanted to get back to my feet and he went well beyond the call of duty while taking care of me. Thanks to all his hard work and patience, I was back to my daily activities within 3 months”
D.B - Director, Surfer


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