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Running Injuries Prevention

Course Overview

A Smart, evidence based & interactive Webinar that will provide you with the basic principles for the prevention of running injuries

  • 1 hour essential & interactive video session with zoom*
  • 3+ exclusive Dynamic warm up exercises
  • 2 video case studies on actual runners
  • 15 minutes Questions and Answers
  • Running Injuries Prevention Certificate
  • 1 hour cpd

Who is it for: Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists, Pilates Instructors, Runners, Running Coaches, Fitness Professionals, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Students, other Health pros.

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Log on from any pc / tablet / phone; No need to download the Zoom app or any other software. Joining the webinar is easy! Once you book your place you will receive an email with instructions on how to register and join the webinar. See you online!

Course price £12


What You Get

  • 1 hour essential, practical, evidence based training
  • 15 minutes of Questions and Answers
  • Basic knowledge on injury prevention
  • 1 Hour Cpd
  • Over - striding Video Case Study
  • 3+ Exclusive Video exercises
  • Get ready for the Running Injuries Management Course

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Course Benefits

This Webinar will allow you to:

  • Avoid training & running mistakes
  • Understand the possible causes of injury
  • Learn when it’s time to stop running
  • Perform the best warm up
  • Properly manage Running volume and load
  • Deal with more confidence with Runners

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Course Presenter: Luca V. Piazza

  • Log on from any pc / tablet / phone
  • 1 hour Lecture & Interactive video Exercise Session with ZOOM*
  • 1 Hour Cpd
  • 15 mins Questions and Answers
  • 2 Over - striding Video Case Study
  • 3+ Exclusive Video exercises
  • Running Injuries Prevention Certificate

* no need to download the Zoom app or any other software. Joining the webinar is easy! You will receive details of how to register and participate

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  • Running vs Walking
  • Runners’ overuse injuries
  • Global indicators for injury
  • Over - striding (Video case study of actual runner)
  • Overuse injury prevention
  • When to Stop running
  • Warm-up: dynamic or static?
  • Questions and Answers

*subject to change

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Join the hundreds who’ve got Their Running Injuries prevention Certificate!

We regularly receive incredible and inspiring reviews. Seeing the positive impact our webinar have had on our students is the main reason for creating this course!

“…Luca’s running seminar was engaging, informative and fun. Would definitely recommend…”
Dexstar H.

“…extremely informative as well as enjoyable. Luca gave some really insightful advice. Luca used video and imagery which made the seminar interactive and made the concepts he was discussing easier to grasp…”

“…Awesome ! Versatile solution for many running issues backed by clinical evidences….”
Sam A.

“…The session was fantastic and extremely helpful. The information and the way in which it was delivered was great and nice and easy to process and digest…”
Anthony G.

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